Italian crime “crew” catch up with former Mob Boss, who has disappeared to go “legit”…
(or has he?) by starring in a cooking show, which turns into a nationwide “hit.”

The Last Supper

Created By
Giovanni Ginnetti

Written By
Giovanni Ginnetti
Garry Hicks

THE LAST SUPPER opens quickly, with a flashback (in sepia) of a ‘confidential meeting’ of Vinny’s recent/former days as a Boss, in Brooklyn, NY. The flashback has a line, which is also the Episodes TITLE, and creates a new meaning of this week’s episode.

The Opening Title sequence is Vinny driving from NY to FL, We see a few seconds of each: (G. W. Bridge) Jersey Turnpike, Baltimore, (south of the border signs) Welcome to FL, Beaching it, Buying a defunct night club, restoration (dusty mess).

# # #


The pilot explains to the viewer in a few minutes the transition, plus Vinny’s vision of his ‘new life’ going legit. We see this in a theatrical means, by Vinny self-recording several attempts to explain this to his personal family (daughter and aging mother) in a “please don’t worry about me”, “I’m safe” and hope to figure out a way to stay in contact – as he plans to ‘learn/embrace’ the new technologies of the day. As a mob boss, Vinny trusted no technology, not even a household telephone, suspicious of any breach. Vinny did everything ‘old school’ face-to-face, dealing directly with the under-boss or Consiglieri.

In going legit, he has adopted a new ‘street’ name to be known by and is looking into technology, learning about mobile phones, the internet, and YouTube. He learns much of this information, from a kid that approached him his first day in Florida, on the beach – he was selling bottles of cold water … without a permit. Vinny took an immediate liking to the kid. We later see that the kid is rather resourceful.

We see Vinny surfing the web (V.O. Kid’s voice teaching him) where he stumbles upon various YouTube channels. This method of communication is new and most exciting to Vinny and he embraces this technology, he wrongfully believes that no-one of his former family, would ever see/find him, because the web is so big, it would be harder than looking for a needle in a haystack, plus technology is not the mob’s style.

The Pilot ends with Vinny establishing his own YouTube account and uploading a test video.
You can read the PILOT, HERE


# # #


Almost every episode shows “behind the scenes” of the making of “MOB BOSS KITCHEN” YouTube episode. Which is hosted in Vinny’s own renovated and now open for business restaurent-nightclub.  Vinny becomes an overnight success in his friendly, small Florida town, with the local residents and businesses.


Vinny’s only prior experience of being in Florida was all ‘job’ related. When he was younger, he would ‘pull an assignment’ that may last a day or two in various cities on the east coast. He was in and out to pull a “hit.”  Vinny is soon in for a surprise when he learns about “SEASON” and “SNOWBIRDS”. At first, he likes the influx of many seasonal residents, because it translates into swelling to capacity customers for his nightclub.  It does not occur to him until Rocco also informs him that season also equates to thousands of potential people that could ‘finger’ him.


Each show continues a nightmare dream sequence that Vinny relives to some degree of his tough/rough life of crime. Which brings action to the viewers.


# # #





Age: 67, Looks: 55 – 60 years old. Height: 5’ 10” to 6’ 1”, Body: average build + 25 lbs., 

Job: NY Criminal – Organized Crime Mob Boss, Racketeering, murder, arson

Likes: to do things his way, Dislikes: following orders, 

Fears: getting whacked, religion: Raised Roman Catholic, Ethnicity:  Italian, caucasian, 

Sexual habits: almost married, dates women on and off. No one serious Friends/family: LOYAL, 

Dress:  Everyday wear – no jeans. Shirts to hide a pistol. Hair: Med-Short, graying.  

Wants: to make money – be in charge, Needs: love/partnership.

Born/raised in Brooklyn – could have a Brooklyn accent. Street smart/tough, yet fun/likable


Vincenzo Fiorello LaGuardia (VINNY) is a happy-go-lucky regular Joe. He is instantly well-liked by all people as soon as they meet him. He has a friendly, inviting charm about him, that few people truly possess. He is not a deep thinker and makes decisions quickly, sometimes too quickly, that would normally give most people trouble or come back to haunt them. But for Vinny, he manages to stay one step ahead and just misses that sort of trouble, unbeknownst to him, Rocco keeps him shielded.


Born in New York City, 1948 – although looks 15 years younger, was raised by his unwed mother until he left home and school when he was 15 because of ‘opportunities’. He has supported his mother since he was a teenager. When he was born, the hospitals were less formal when completing birth records. His ‘father’ is listed as deceased on his birth certificate. There was a short period of time when his mother worked at the home of recently retired NYC Mayor (and former Congressman) Fiorello Henry LaGuardia. Think what you like, the facts are that his mother was never known to have dated, Vinny looks much like his mother, and she claimed that she ‘thought the world of LaGuardia” which is why she named Vinny after him.


Vinny had been involved in many different jobs during his life, direct sales, restaurants and in his twenties worked as a union longshoreman. He knows his way around shipyards and cargo trailers.


Like his mother, Vinny never married but does have one daughter, Fiorella. Vinny, an unlikely father, learned about his daughter, from his long lost girlfriend. She called from her death bed to tell him the truth, she let Vinny know that Lilli has known about him since she was seventeen. Vinny and Lilli have yet to connect. He wants to reach out but is uncertain. 




Age: approx, 55 years old. Height: 5’ 10” to 6’ 3”, Body: Fit, Job: NY Criminal Attorney, 

Likes: Fairness, Dislikes: Stupid people, Pet Peeves, dislikes wearing shoes/footwear, 

Fears: getting whacked, religion: Raised Roman Catholic, Ethnicity:  Italian, caucasian, 

Sexual habits: anything goes, Friends/family: LOYAL, but keeps to himself, 

Dress:  Always in a suit, pressed shirt, usually french cuffs, smart tie, although kicks off his shoes when seated. Hair: Short, well-groomed, graying.  Rocco is always impeccably groomed: hair, fingernails, clothing pressed, etc. Wants: freedom, to be left alone, Needs: love/partnership.


ROCCO BRUNELLO, came up through the crime family by paying off a family debt. His father was unreliable. The crime family took to Rocco’s smarts and put him through college and Law School at NYU. At one time Rocco understood that his debt would be paid off in time, but as the saying goes, “once you’re in, you’re in” and Rocco never believed there would be an exit strategy.  


Rocco, a true genius, as rated by IQ standards and school entry exams, kept information close to his chest and only shared information after it was absolutely necessary. People all around rely upon Rocco, Especially Vinny and the crew.  Rocco, figured out early on that Vinny was planning to ‘disappear’ and saw this as his once-in-a-lifetime chance to disappear as well. Timing is everything.


Rocco, born/raised in NYC, (parents immigrated from Rome) grew up with many nicknames, is well educated, well-traveled, well dressed, genius IQ, is hard to figure out … the jury is always wondering about his ‘real story’ as he lives out of the neighborhood (somewhere in Manhattan or Westchester or maybe Jersey as some suspected) and keeps his personal life secret. He always managed to elude any tail ever placed upon him. He is always early to meetings, so the family just accepted his somewhat aloof behavior.


Rocco, set-up in private practice, despises Brunello wine, (and all wine) oddly enough, even though most everyone thinks he loves it. Rocco’s non-conformist choice is scotch. The little we know about him personally is that he plays tennis. 

When time permitted or if Rocco was nearby, Vinny relied heavily on him for most decisions because he is fast thinking with uncanny accuracy – almost as though he could predict the future. Rocco agrees to give Vinny a hand with the nightclub business, a career change they are both excited about.


Rocco, some say, reminds him of a 50-year-old Alec Baldwin, is passionate about legalities, fairness, equality and trying to balance the corruption inside the justice system. He is opposed to Vinny’s cooking show, in every measure and stays clear of it, although he has Vinny’s back at every turn. Rocco, is the most respectful person toward Vinny whenever anyone is around, until he is behind closed doors, one on one with Vinny, does he really say what’s on his mind. He dresses well but hates wearing socks and shoes.


Rocco twice-divorced always had his hands full, putting out fires. Rocco is the one most anyone can confide in, as he keeps secrets, and has a few secrets of his own. Rocco’s speech is peppered with Italian words, phrases, and expressions. Only sometimes can you detect a NY/Italian accent. Rocco gives almost everyone he comes in contact with a nickname.



FIORELLA (LILLI)  (Last name subject to change dependent upon actor cast. If an actor looks Irish for example – could go w/ Irish last name). 

Age: 31 years old. Height: 5’ 6” to 5’ 11”, Body: great shape/fit.  Job: Physician: OB-GYN. 

Likes: fairness, woman’s rights. Dislikes:  dishonesty, prejudices     

Pet Peeves: bullies, ,   Fears: meeting her birth father

Dresses: contemporary, professional, preppy. 

Religion: Christian,  Hair: could be long, any color, red?

Lilli is a well-groomed, presentable appearance always.

Ethnicity: Caucasian, 1/2 Italian, 1/2 _______  Sexual habits: normal, healthy 31-year-old, dates when she finds time.  

Friends/family: coworkers, neighbors as friends, mostly professional people, she is a workaholic, still paying off student loans., 

Wants: To solve world problems, peace.    


FIORELLA (LILLI) __last name__   is a true brunette, drop-dead gorgeous, well let’s just say could be played by a young Claire Forlani. Lilli was born on December 11, 1982 – coincidentally 100 years to the day after F. H. LaGuardia’s birth – possibly her illegitimate grandfather???


Lilli understands the system, fights for women’s rights when she is not working in her practice. A medical doctor, she specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Lilli in her early 30’s, is sexy and has many suitors. She never really got along, nor respected her step-father whom she was brought up to call ‘dad’ and is the only father she had known until she was a teenager. Her mother told her the truth, during a weekend when she seriously considered divorce, which never happened. Learning about Vinny, just seemed to make sense to Lilli and often wondered more about him. She was always determined to find time to invite her father, Vinny, into her life, as soon as she could make time. But with college, medical school, residency, joining a practice, the miles away from NY, the invitation was still forthcoming. She learned that her mother contacted Vinny from her death bed just weeks ago and told him the truth. Lilli is hoping Vinny will contact her.



Age: approx, 15 years old. Height: 4’ 0” to 5’ 0”, Body: skinny – husky, Job: student, 

Likes: Fairness, Dislikes Bullies, authority, “the system”, 

Religion: beliefs in God, quietly attends a local Christian based church, Ethnicity: African-American, or: Mexican-American or Asian-American or Indian-American. Well-groomed, maybe wild/long hair (could wear a hairpiece for this effect)

Sexual habits: None, Friends/family: none, (in foster care), Dress: typical 15-year-old kid, streetwear. 

Wants: to be the legal age, live his own life, Needs:  to be understood, a fair shake, to be loved.


(THE KID) is a teenager, that is bright and eager to earn money. When he sees a need, he creates a small side business, wheels and deals, almost anything to make a buck.  He does not like school much, maybe because of his unstable home life. He lost his parents early and has been in and out of foster care for years. Initially, only known as THE KID, we later learn that his real name is Atticus Finch, in episode four.


He has plenty of street smarts and is aware of everything going on around him. He knows right from wrong. As much as people would guess that he does as he wishes, he always chooses what is right, good over evil. He does not have many friends, as he chooses to not run with any pack. He does not smoke or use drugs and alcohol as is prevalent among his peers.  His image is rougher and tougher than he really is.  He longs to be loved and have a ‘normal’ family situation, it’s really all he ever wanted, this is his secret.  He believes in God and attends church regularly on his own.  Only his social worker really understands him and understands his tough demeanor – which is for show.


Vinny sees THE KID as a  hustler, looking to make a buck – and takes an instant liking to THE KID. Kind of reminds Vinny of himself when he was a teen. Vinny is wrong about THE KID, of course, which he learns over time and a very unlikely bond forms between Vinny and THE KID.  Vinny, unable to remember his name, simply calls him ‘KID’, but in an endearing way.  THE KID helps Vinny out with more information and better information about the town and the inner workings, that any other professional provides.


Vinny finds a place for THE KID at the nightclub, after school jobs.


Over time, when Vinny realizes that THE KID is not the hustler he thought he was, but rather a straight shooter, on the up and up, as their bond grows, Vinny chooses to share much information with THE KID, even after Rocco urging him not to. Vinny learns good lessons from THE KID. Over time, Rocco is blown away at the transformation in Vinny. Rocco learns lessons about life as well from The KID and new and improved Vinny.  At the end of season one, Vinny considers adopting THE KID.


THE KID is 15 years old. He has been in and out of foster homes for years. He has gotten lost in the system. When Police arrive at the nightclub, WISEGUYS scramble. Little do they know they are there to get THE KID to put him back into the systems foster care. THE KID is often truant, skipping school, fighting the system. His grades are less than par, because of truancy, even though he generally scores 100% on all school exams.



Age: approx, 25 – 35 years old. Height: 5’ 6” to 5’ 11”, Body: Built as The Goddess! Very shapely.  

Job: nightclub manager, stripper. Likes: fun times, dressing sexy, flirting, men, attention, Thinks she is creative and sort of smart. *MUST be BLONDE*, Long Hair, likes to twirl her hair, flirtatious-like.

Religion: believes in God,  

Ethnicity: Caucasian, German background  Sexual habits: flirt, dates, 

Friends/family: lots of pretty girlfriends, many male suitors, Patty is well-liked,  

Dress: provocative/sexy. Wants: to be important wants to shine and be smart. 


PATTY MASSMANN is a true blonde, drop-dead gorgeous, well let’s just say could be played by Jaime Bergman. Patty is an ideal candidate to prove that the stereotypical ‘dumb blonde’ jokes have a real basis … except in front of Vinny, this is where she shines, but in a fun way, where everyone else sees the ‘blonde’. Patty is the former nightclub manager and was introduced to Vinny by the real estate agent that handled the transaction. It seemed logical at the time because who better knew the inner workings of the club?   Even though it was rumored that Patty ran the nightclub business into the ground, causing its closing by its out-of-state absentee owner, Vinny took a liking to her, largely because of her good looks and flirtatious attitude. 


Other than treating her fairly, as with all people, Rocco does not see any value in Patty. Often when Patty asks Rocco any question pertaining to her personal life, which pretty much consumes her every moment, except in front of Vinny, Rocco, shrugs her off, with a look of bewilderment.  


Patty is creative and likes to cut and paste things, She still has that 8th-grade beautiful girl bubble font handwriting and enjoys making signs and posters for the club. She takes the initiative and creates things (think nursery school-like) and hangs them in places that drive Rocco up the wall. Vinny likes her outside of the box, innocent contributions. For example, Patty creates hand-drawn posters to promote “MOB BOSS KITCHEN” 

with visuals of graduates, Nobel peace prize winners, inventors, like Einstein and Edison.

She just doesn’t get it …ever. Any double entendre that she speaks, is understood by all that she is just a sandwich short of a picnic. Patty, at times, forgets how to spell her own name and Rocco teaches her a technique to remember, “two M’s, two A’s, two S’s, two N’s” Anytime men visit the nightclub, for whatever reason, they lose their train of thought with Patty.


It always falls to Patty to decorate for any occasion, including holidays, most people don’t even know exists. She is a whiz with construction paper, glue sticks and a box of crayons. Since Patty does not eat chocolate, she never orders chocolate cakes, to everyone’s disappointment. Even when it makes for Vinny’s favorite desserts and is requested constantly by Rocco and the patrons.


Vinny never sees the ditziness in Patty, he just thinks she is cute. People speculate that she has admirers that would do anything just because of her beauty, but this is never proven, neither is any skill to manage the club.  In a closed-door management meeting, Vinny points out that, “ Patty showed up for work on-time today”. To which Rocco replies, “Nice! One day in a row”. Patty is never on-time and often confuses the days of the week. Rocco often suggests to Vinny to “take her out”. 



Age: approx, 26 – 38 years old. Height: 5’ 6” to 6’ 2””, Body: good shape / fit – to a few pounds overweight.  Job: trained attorney works as handymen/bartender at The Palazzo Supper club. Likes: chasing women, Patty, his car and everything UF-Gators.

Dislikes:  hurried lifestyles, law business     

Dresses: preppy, always something Orange and Blue (UF Gators colors). 

Religion: probably Christian,  

Ethnicity: Caucasian, 1/2 Caucasian, 1/2 Latino.  Sexual habits: normal, healthy, chases women.  

Harry may not always be the best groomed, tries to pull off the preppy look

Friends/family: normal family and friends, many alumni from UF,   Wants: to have a happy life, settle down with the right one, trouble is Harry does not know how to settle down, he is good at playing the field.   


HARRY is the nightclub’s jack-of-all-trades, the maintenance man. Harry comes from a wealthy family, a die-hard Gator fan, is a graduate of UF, bachelors of science and UF LAW. Harry passed the Florida Bar exam on his 3rd test, after much pressure from his family to enter the family business, but he never liked law, he prefers to work with his hands. Harry’s family is very influential, political connections at every turn, yet he claims that he has no interest in any form of politics or law. His family still has hope that he ‘will come around’. Harry has those forced preppy, yuppy looks, but can not perfect the look, something is always missing, in looks, style, walk, interests, etc. What most people do not know is that he is half Latino, half white. Some people think he may be related to former FL Governor Jeb Bush. 


Harry has an ego problem, he feels entitled and desperately wants attention from important people and Patty. He may have what some people think of as the stereotypical uptight, know-it-all, lawyer. Harry, almost married twice, has 2 children with different women. Harry has not had a romantic relationship that lasts longer than about a month. Harry has it bad for Patty, even though he is not even close to her league, in looks, style, attitude etc. 


Harry takes on all tasks to fix anything that needs attention, including work that he should call out for help with, especially things that are still under warranty, like kitchen equipment, a/c units, his own car and so-on. Harry rarely sees things through to completion. Almost every project that he starts is completed by someone else. Vinny likes all people and is not likely to ever fire Harry, although Rocco will suggest it from time to time. 


Harry is not always accountable, and whenever he is missing from the club, some reference is made that he is at “the Swamp” UF’s sports complex. Harry is always wearing at least one University of Florida Gator garment. On game days, he is nearly in full uniform. Harry’s world is gator this and gator that. His email address will be, He has gator vanity plates, and belongs to any gator organization, chat room, mailing list, etc. When the kitchen area is left messy with a Gator coffee mug and matching gator lunch box, Harry denies it belongs to him, because in his mind most people own gator things. His thinking of entitlement prevents him from cleaning his own mess, it’s beneath him, and he is in charge of maintenance! 


Next to being gator obsessed, Harry is constantly chasing women to date, including Patty, which Patty is totally oblivious to. He confides in Rocco with all types of personal things such as: child support, women, dress style, because he seeks Rocco attention and approval, to which Rocco usually dismisses him with a look and smug comment.


Vinny is not fond of ‘gator-everything’ except for the few times when it fills the club with paying customers. Vinny is always trying to put together a GATOR night for an episode of “MOB BOSS KITCHEN”, to which Harry always falls short in delivering an audience.



Age: approx, 25 – 29 years old. Height: 5’10” – 6’ 2”, Body: thin – built  Job: TV Network, Jr. Exec. 

Likes: himself, he is vain, Dislikes: working outside of NYC or anywhere away from the action and limelight. , 

Fears: growing old, being overlooked, not being the “IN-Crowd”, 

Religion: beliefs in God, Ethnicity: n/a   Well-groomed, totally Image conscious

Sexual habits: Metrosexual – likely gay.  Friends/family: not much time for family. All of his friends are stylish, trendy, image-conscious, fashionista’s, gay, lesbian and straight starlets… all are single.  Living life the fast lane.

Dress: Up-to-date: GQ      Wants: to be liked and NOTICED by everyone


TODD is from a network, trying to acquire “MOB BOSS KITCHEN”. Todd is a Jr. Executive, that makes his job seem so much more important than it really is. He is an arrogant, a controversial antagonist at almost every turn. Todd hates that he has to deal with “MOB BOSS KITCHEN” because it’s not filmed in NY. Todd is smug around Vinny, yet he pays him no mind and only has brief conversations with him. Todd never catches on that Rocco is the key decision-maker.


When controversy ensues, Todd is a big baby – a scaredy-cat. All of his big talk and actions go right out the window and we see his true colors. Todd is full of himself, big ego, vain. Maybe a closeted gay man, maybe out, certainly metrosexual!. Todd is handsome and knows it. He is attractive in a thin way, used to being popular in school and college and one of the pretty boys on the bar/nightclub circuit. Likes to dance and be seen out at trendy functions. Seeks the limelight, fashion, model/actors lifestyle. May even use recreational drugs.  For Todd, it’s all about Image.



Age: approx, 39 – 55 years old. Height: 5’ 2” to 5’ 6”, Body: overweight/any body style/shape  Job: TV network executive / producer 

Likes: working business, making things succeed    Dislikes:  people in general     Pet Peeves: time wasters,   Hometown: New York City Area or Fairfield County, CT

Sally’s appearance works, she is groomed, not a mess, maybe overcompensates, to hide some of the extra pounds, Likely has short hair, could be a full head of hair, meaning lots of it, but not likely longer than shoulder length. People could think that she has that lesbian/dyke look.

Religion: open/any,  Ethnicity: open/any .  Sexuality: closeted dominatrix.  Friends/family: normal  Wants:  to run the network, career-minded, likes to be in charge, bossy, impatient  

Needs: people to respect her   


SALLY – MOB BOSS KITCHEN TV show producer, employed by the network that buys the show. 

Sally could be played by a heavy-set Mary Kay Place or a no-nonsense Kathy Bates.


Sally is no-nonsense, curt and quick tempered. She could be late 30’s to mid 50’s. Attractive only in her own way, overweight – a tough broad. She is pretty much all business and dismisses chit chat quickly.


Others may call Sally a bitch. Sally always has her work done on time and within budget. Sally is valuable to the network and knows everything about TV show business. Sally fears no-one, she speaks her mind.  Sally, a very busy NYC executive, does not have much of a personal life, so while on assignment in FL, she like to stretch her wings and find romance.


We never see Sally smile, she never laughs. Sally is a tough broad.

*****SALLY has some scenes where she is in underwear only, no full nudity*****



Age: approx, 27 – 35 years old. Height: 5’ 1” to 5’ 9”, Body: good shape / fit – to several pounds overweight

Job: wiseguy – former horse breeder/trainer – odd jobs, high school graduate, street smarts only, not book smart.  STREET TOUGH, bully type, the guy that stole your lunch money in school. A Mans-man, regular Joe, average guy, just Tough. Not the cleanest of people, not grungy/dirty either. He could wear the same clothes for several days in a row. Joey is not well-groomed. Could be a fingernail biter, picks his nose in public, not polished at all.

Likes: tattoos, cars, watching TV, guns   Dislikes:  law enforcement, does not trust people easily.     

Dresses: Messy appearance, usually dark clothes, not really stylish, just plain clothes / shoes.

Religion: probably Christian,  Ethnicity: caucasian, at least 1/2 Italian  Sexual habits: asexual.

Friends/family: we assume just regular friends,   

Wants: to be a made man, a crime boss, struggles with authority, however, is loyal to Tony Shoes.  **Joey has a southern accent** Hometown, somewhere in Kentucky.   

Needs: authority, respect.


JOEY is a wiseguy, originally from Kentucky, has a southern accent! Joey could be bald, tattooed, short, stocky (30+ lbs overweight), maybe late 20’s – late 30’s, below-average IQ. Joey tries to impress people at times, but he is simply not that bright.  Joey has worked as crew in Clearwater area for many years. Reports to Antonio “Tony Shoes” Sclafani, Tampa Bay Crime Boss.   


Joey, not polished could wear mismatched clothes. He is tough guy, street smarts only, tough in his talk and walk. Always carries at least one gun and is quick to let others know that he has it and would shoot just about anyone. Joey could easily be a real hit-man because he has been in organized crime for many years. Joey has done prior prison time. Joey is usually paired up with Stevie. Joey is generally in charge when the two are together. Joey follows orders, although screws up at times. Joey does not think things threw and can be flip.



Age: approx, 25 – 33 years old. At least a few years (looking) younger than Joey.  Height: TALL, Body: FIT, works out regularly, even if just lifting weights at home, hard body. 

Job: Wiseguy – high school graduate, maybe one year of college, street smarts and a very likable guy.  Stevie has a nice personality, in high school played sports, was lettered in baseball or football, maybe even wrestling, good guy, many girlfriends

Likes: females, hanging out, beach, maybe boating, general outdoor activities, attending sports games on occasion, and loves to fire guns.  Even though Stevie is quiet, he generally likes people and gets along fine. 

Stevie likes/content with his position working for Tony Shoes’ organization. It’s something to do and he is loyal.  If another lifestyle came along, he could easily adapt and make a change. He is basically happy-go-lucky. Good-natured.    

Dresses: Neat appearance, usually dark clothes, pulls it together – not a fashionista or preppy, well-groomed regular Joe, Clean hair and fingernails. Takes some pride in keeping himself attractive for the ladies.   Religion: raised Catholic, attends church often. Maybe even volunteers at church, mostly to meet single women or to have a discreet affair with married women.,  

Ethnicity: Caucasian, at least 1/2 Italian  

Sexual habits: aggressively asks women out, constantly chasing skirts. Bedding women is always on his mind. Friends/family: we assume just regular friends,   

Hometown: maybe a small city.   Needs: to be loved.


STEVIE also reports to Tony Shoes, is almost always with Joey. Stevie could look like a young Steven Segal, nice full head of hair, maybe even a ponytail. Stevie is tall, dark and handsome, around 27 – 32 years old. Average IQ, Stevie has pretty much always been a follower. Stevie does NOT smoke, does not use drugs, he’s pretty much a straight arrow.


He’s lived and worked ‘crew’ in Clearwater for Tony Shoes for half a dozen years or so. He knows his way around well. While he may have been arrested once or twice, Stevie has never served time, never convicted of anything.  In some ways he has some luck.  Stevie is a real Casanova, always looking at women and asking them out. He gets lucky often. Stevie loves guns, loves to shoot them, loves being a wiseguy and seeks to be a made man. He is ambitious. He follows orders, is generally quiet, listens well.


**** STEVIE has several nude scenes, (just underpants in some scenes, possibly full rear nudity**** Pseudo-sex scenes



Age: Older statesman in years. Height: any, Body: any

Job: mob boss – Tampa Bay area.  Racketeering, money laundering, protection, 

Likes: order, respect   Dislikes:  does not trust people easily.     

Dresses: well-groomed, impeccable, Highly polished shoes.

Religion: old school Catholic,  Ethnicity: Italian  Sexual habits: n/a  Friends/family: we assume just regular friends  Hometown: Tampa   


ANTONIO SCLAFANI  – AKA  TONY SHOES runs the Tampa Bay circuit for a crime family situated out of Las Vegas. Tony has been running the west side of Florida pretty much all of his life. Tony is at least 60 -70 years old, white hair, big glasses, usually wears a cap, dresses well, usually suits. Usually, he has a cigar (not always lit), he can be overweight. Tony ALWAYS has clean and shiny shoes!


It is widely believed that Tony is the oldest living crime boss in Florida, and is left alone by the families known in Miami-dade and the rest of the state. Tony’s involved with Horse track and dog track betting, local protection services, cleaning money and fencing jewelry, furs, and miscellaneous goods. Over the years, many of his underbosses and wiseguys have been convicted of racketeering and corruption crimes … Tony has never served any time in jail.



Age: late 30’s – late 40’s Height: any, Body: any, not very good-looking

Job: mob boss – Brooklyn area.  Racketeering, money laundering, protection, fencing, murder anything goes

Likes: pussy, easy women   Dislikes:  authority, .     

Pet Peeves: odors,   Fears: dying and being wrongfully accused

Dresses: any

Religion: Catholic,  Ethnicity: Italian  Sexual habits: n/a  Friends/family: only brotherhood of wiseguys,   Wants: to be in charge.  Hometown: Brooklyn, born – raised, never left, multi-generation.   

Needs: to be liked, respected.


DOMINIC Capaccelli is the son of CARMINE Capaccelli, the Boss of the whole family (Godfather)  Dominic is a made man, an underboss to Vinny LaGuardia.  Dominic does not like Vinny Much and absolutely despises Rocco Brunello.  Dominic has campaigned unsuccessfully for years to Vinny to “take Rocco out”.   Recently He went around Vinny and went to his father, pleading to order a hit on Rocco. After much time and consideration, Carmine gave the nod and ordered the hit from Vinny.  Vinny and Rocco, loyal to one another, Vinny decides to leave the family and make it look as though he ‘was abducted by the Russian mob” relocates to Clearwater FL.


Dominic learns of Vinny being alive in FL, via his daughter, from the internet, and sets out to grab him, return him NY and make him work for the family again, producing money and take out Rocco.  Dominic wants to climb through the ranks quickly and is eager to get approvals from higher organization members.  Dominic, an out of control wiseguy, wants to run and rule the whole family. Dominic is careless, reckless, shoots off at the mouth, has been arrested and convicted several times.



Age: late 70’s – 80’s Height: any, Body: any

Job: Head of the ‘family’ – Brooklyn area. 

Dresses: any

Religion: Catholic,  Ethnicity: Italian  Sexual habits: n/a  

Friends/family: Spends his days with his wife and close family members.

Hometown: Brooklyn, born – raised, never left, multi-generation.   


CARMINE Capaccelli is the senior statesman in the series and makes his first appearance in Episode five. Carmine  speaks softly and carries a big stick. Carmine is faithful to his wife and attends church daily. Carmine rarely, if ever uses foul language, is respected by everyone at all times.



Age: late 30’s – late 40’s Height: any, Body: any

Job: FBI agent

Sexual Habits: aggressive with men. Married yet has affairs/one night stands     

Dresses: any

Religion: any  Ethnicity: any  Friends/family: we don’t really know

Hometown: anywhere  


DAWN is a typical FBI agent. Works one case at a time, has a male FBI partner. Dawn finds discreet sexual encounters that involve heavy role-playing late at night on occasion when her husband is out of town on business.

*****DAWN has one scene where she is in underwear only, no full nudity*****

This scene is very low lighting, indoors, in a bed full of sheets, etc. May see bare shoulders from moon/street light(s) coming in through a window.


Future rolls: 


WISEGUYS:  Introducing about two per week, Former crew members and current crew members from NY and FL. Many have few lines. Some are only visible without dialogue in most episodes. These wiseguys need to look like wiseguys, all shapes and sizes and ages, etc.


WILLY is the ‘shooter’ He is the cameraman, shoots the episodes and does the editing w/ Rocco. We take it for granted that the show is edited, we never really see that, but sometimes we see Sally write a script or re-writes with Rocco. Willy handles the camera and all things related to that, calling “Quite” and “Action” and “Wrap”. Willy is all business, a man of few words, a frustrated screenwriter, director looking for funding for his big break. We don’t know much about Willy, except that he minds his own business, keeps to himself, comes to shoot and leaves when the shot is done. 


Willy is sort of nondescript, just sort of blends into the woodwork, almost as though he is not there, sort of geek like. He could easily be the brunt of a joke, as in one scene where chocoholic Rocco asks Patty to be certain to order a Bavarian chocolate cake, to which Patty asks, “ If I do that for you, what do I get”?, To which Rocco says, “ I’ll get you a date with Willy”.  


No one ever remembers where Willy went to school, they only remember that it is a rival school to UF. If any footage is shot with anything “Gator’ Willy is a master at editing it from the TV segment. Even after Harry Paints Vinny’s “Mob Boss KITCHEN” set Blue and Orange, Willy is able to edit out the colors, before the segment airs.


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