Italian crime “crew” catch up with a former Mob Boss, who has disappeared to go “legit”…
(or has he?) by starring in a cooking show, which turns into a nationwide “hit.”

THE LAST SUPPER, a weekly TV show, featuring the behind the scenes look at the life of a NYC Mob Boss, Vincenzo F. LaGuardia (Vinny) who ‘disappeared’ from the family and life of crime to go ‘legit’ and how he tries to remain ‘un-findable.’

Created By
Giovanni Ginnetti

Written By
Giovanni Ginnetti
Garry Hicks

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Vincent, a fast-talking and snap decision-maker, relocates to Florida’s west coast, in a small town that he believes is off-the-beaten-path to start a new life. After a few days of what feels like a vacation, Vinny ‘itches’ to be in some sort of ‘business’. He buys a defunct nightclub, and while rehabbing it, is found out by one of his ‘former’ crew members … who is ‘going on the lam’.  Rocco Brunello, an attorney, also parted from the NY Crime family.


Vinny, desiring to reach out to a specific few real family relatives, comes up with the idea to create a weekly cooking show, under an assumed ‘stage’ name after being introduced to the medium from a local foster KID and being inspired by youtube.


Against the better judgment of “Consiglieri” Rocco, Vinny creates his YouTube channel. Trouble ensues when he opens his nightclub for a weekly event called, “MOB BOSS KITCHEN”, which soon becomes the next YouTube sensation and then brings offers from television and national cable stations to run the show as a weekly episode.


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Dear Reader:

Imagine a series with the drama of ‘THE SOPRANOS’ and the comedy of ‘EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND’. Our content is different than any other TV show now running as our episodes consist of 60% drama and 30% comedy (10% to move the story along), a true groundbreaker for a new series. We also believe we will attract the former audience members that loved SOPRANOS and RAYMOND even though our show goess in a different direction.

This is not a reality Television Series, but a fictional scripted series that just happens to include real dates, places, people in history. Viewers could mistake this for realism.

We have scripted six episodes and are in the process of completing two more episodes. Also, a marketing plan that can exploit the series with retail sales, which should further titillate the likes of HBO, SHOWTIME, NETFLIX, and others.

We also have a marketing trick up our sleeve that will be a first in the TV industry and could easily catapult us to the lips of everyone in both television and the music industries.

The hour-long program series is available for acquisition by producers, distributors, cable companies or on-demand firms. Due to language, it is not suitable for standard broadcast acquisition.   Let’s chat.