Italian crime “crew” catch up with a former Mob Boss, who has disappeared to go “legit”…
(or has he?) by starring in a cooking show, which turns into a nationwide “hit.”


THE LAST SUPPER, a weekly TV show, featuring the behind the scenes look at the life of a
NYC Mob Boss,  
Vincenzo F. LaGuardia (Vinny) who ‘disappeared’ from the family
and life of crime to go ‘legit’

and how he tries to remain ‘un-findable.’

Created By
Giovanni Ginnetti

Written By
Giovanni Ginnetti
Garry Hicks

Vinny, a fast-talking and snap decision-maker, relocates to Florida’s west coast in a small town that he believes is off-the-beaten-path to start a new life. After a few days of what feels like a vacation, Vinny ‘itches’ to be in some sort of ‘business.’ He buys a defunct nightclub, and while rehabbing it, is found by one of his ‘former’ crew members; Rocco Brunello, crime family attorney who is also ‘going on the lam.’


His New York Family fears the worst after Vinny’s disappearance when they find the remains of a Russian cigarette in his trashed Brooklyn apartment.


Vinny, desiring to reach out to a specific few relatives, comes up with the idea to create a weekly cooking show under an assumed ‘stage’ name after being introduced to the medium from a local foster KID and being inspired by youtube.


Against the better judgment of “Consiglieri” Rocco, Vinny creates a YouTube channel. Trouble ensues when he opens his nightclub for a weekly event called, “MOB BOSS KITCHEN,” which soon becomes the next YouTube sensation and then brings offers from television and national cable stations to run the show as a weekly episode.


Once the Mob-Family discovers the Russian’s didn’t kill him, and instead he’s alive and well in Florida, they send a crew down to reason with him. But when Mob-Family members turn up dead, Vinny’s life is turned upside down.

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What follows are several scenes that we filmed, largely as teasers, and to check the tempo of our writing. We had several friends step up to the plate as actors and crew to help us produce these. Enjoy!


“Carmine’s Kennedy Scene”

This scene is the actual scripted ending of
Episode Five

This scene reveals Organized Crimes involvement
in the assassination of President JF Kennedy


“His Phone Does a Pocket Dial”

Voice Mail on the Weasle’s phone reveals giving the order to hit Dominick and his boys!”


“Richie the Fish, degenerate Gambler”

Big Frank gives Richie a final warning.


“Jail Bird Joey”

Bonafide Video Evidence disappears from police lock-up – Joey is released from multiple murder charges.